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Specialize in not specializing. Even if we don’t realize it, design is everywhere. The passion for our work is present in all stages of the creative process, drawing virtue from the difficulties, bringing out the best from each client. If you’d ask us, this is how we would  reply…

—What does Mucho studio do? Which are its activity areas?

Jan:Mucho deals with anything related to graphic design, although our specialty is creating brands and their strategy. We say that we specialize in “not specializing”, because of the personality of our 5 partners we are constantly investigating different disciplines and areas.


—What would you say is the most relevant aspect of a good design?

Marc: A good design needs ideas and meaning. It has to talk about why a brand (or its product) exists and establish rational and emotional links between brand and consumer, user or target audience.

—In which neighborhood do you live and what has motivated you to live there?

Jan: I have lived in the Gothic neighborhood until 6 months ago, now I live in Les Corts. What motivates me about this neighborhood is that it has nothing special… there are no tourist, it’s not fashionable nor premium, there’s basically nothing. Although my street, Morales Street, is like a small town, we all know each other. Therefore, this street has a sense of neighborhood (like living in a town next to the center of the city). It also motivates me for a practical reason… my office is in this street.

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or call us directly at: +32 9 265 07 60